What can we do for you?

Musical audio & video clip

We record your audio and/or video tracks and assemble them into a final product that meets your expectations. Our experience allows us to come up with an original scenario without betraying your emotions, to create a product with an authentic feel. We add a soundscape layer and visual inspiration to your creativity, to perfectly reflect your talent.

Advertising clip

With our equipment, we provide publicists, DOP's and directors with the proper shots, to exceed your expectations.

We assist your ad's director to produce the most striking images.

Aerial shooting

We submit our flight plan according to the rules laid out by Transport Canada. Whether it's for the sale of a house or land, for an inspection, a video clip or an advertisement, our material allows us to pull off the task with precision and professionalism.

Our fleet of professional drones, operated by certified pilots, will add originality and punch to your production.